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Black Sea Dahu



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Our towel is made in Austria in collaboration with Frottee di Mare from Zurich and designed by the amazing Lina Müller. 

Very important: Before use, machine wash your towel one or two times with a full load to make it more absorbent and to protect the fabric from pulled threads. If snags occur, do not pull them, simply cut them with scissors. This will not harm the towel. We recommend washing the towel 30 - 60 degrees and then air-drying it. 

If you take good care of it, this is the towel you will spend the rest of your life with. 

● Limited edition of 200 pieces
● Size: 180 cm x 90 cm
● Fine twisted terry, 100% cotton, 450g/m2

Illustration: Lina Müller

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